The Many Health Benefits of Nettle Leaf

September 6, 2019

Have you tried Nettle Leaf before? If not, you should. 

I have become more and more interested in the power of herbs and herbal medicine through my Holistic Nutrition education and Counseling practice. I have seen blood results that prove herbal teas, tinctures and powders can truly benefit peoples health such as lowering blood pressure, LDL (bad cholesterol), improve kidney and liver function amongst other improvements.


Nettle actually grows in the wild near streams, creeks and rivers and is prickly to touch this is why it is called Stinging Nettle, as it leaves a welt and is itchy from the histamine which can cause temporary and minor redness and swelling l if you come in contact with it. Dont worry when dried and used in a tea, the tiny spiny hair like structures that can poke you, fall off and their properties are not active once the leaf is heated and steamed. Nettle is very nutritious and can even be eaten in place of steamed spinach. 


Nettle is so medicinally beneficial that people, in the late 20th century to early 21st century, would run their achy arthritic hands through the Stinging Nettle bushes to sting their hands which would welt and cause some irritation but it would created blood flow and almost immediate healing to that area. I wouldn't go trying this your self if your are prone to allergies but used as a dried herb internally it can be a powerful herbal medicine.


I make a big batch of loose herbal tea and add to it a large canister where I add two heaping tablespoons to a large french press with hot water letting it steep for 15-20 each morning and drink throughout the day. It can even be added to a stainless steel or glass water bottle and sip on it throughout the day. Our family drinks it to help support our kidneys, liver, heart and colon. It tastes great too when blended with other key health supporting herbs.


What I love about Nettle Lead is it can fight off harmful microorganisms that cause viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, fungi etc.
as well as boost cognitive health, it is an anti-inflammatory and can ease join pain.


It has been known to:
• Natural antioxidant
• Treat hay fever
• Lower blood pressure
• Aid in blood sugar control
• Natural diuretic- help your body shed excess salt and water
• Protect your liver against damage by toxins, heavy metals and inflammation
• Treat tendonitis
• Promote lactation
• Stimulate hair growth
• Help control blood sugar in patients with diabetes
• Reduce bleeding connected to gingivitis
• Treat disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract
• Provide relief from water retention
• Prevent or treat diarrhea
• Decrease menstrual flow
• Provide asthma relief
• Heal wounds
• Treat hemorrhoids
• Stimulate contractions in pregnant women
• Treat insect bites
• Treat anemia


Let me know if I can help you formulate an herbal tea that can help improve your health and quality of life!




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