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Who I am and What I do:

I am a wife and mom of three teenage boys living in Bend, Oregon. My boys are all thriving and seizure free and not on meds. They all used generalized idiopathic tonic clonic’s.

Because of my children’s seizures and my own thyroid autoimmune health issues I went back to school to learn about how I could help my family naturally.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Specialist; a Certified Detox & Cleanse Specialist and a Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist all through EHI Energetic Health Institute with over 1500 hours of education.

I have also taken professional master classes and courses to dive deeper and provide functional laboratory testing and review GI health, Heavy Metals and Minerals, Environmental Toxins, Mold and Mycotoxins, IgG Food Sensitivities, Organic Acids Test, Gut Health, Immune Health and soon Nutrigenomic Genetic SNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism testing.

I work with many of my clients by educating them on the most important components to tap into healing while providing guidance and support through virtual health counceling.

How do we get in contact?

The best way to reach me is by Email or at FB Messenger through my NOURISH REVIVE THRIVE Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Page.

What forms of payment does NOURISH.REVIVE.THRIVE take?

You can make payments for the Programs through the appointment scheduler or by using the PayPal link.


Venmo: Krista-Zweers

Square, HSA, Apple Pay

Credit cards require an additional 3% fee, unless you have your bank account connected to the Payment Apps. 

For clients out of the USA please select the 'USA' currency sign in the app to covert your currency to American Dollar.

What are your Business Hours?

T-TH: 12:00-4:00 pm

I utilize the other hours to prepare for client appointments and have time to research, take additional educational courses.

Can you work with people who are on Keto?

Yes. Keto can complicate matters as it is so low in cabohydrates that it prevents clients from being able to use many wonderful and healthy vegetables, fruits, berries, health grains even supplements. It is up to the client to be able to choose foods they can incorporate from my focus foods recommendations. I've worked with many people who are on the Keto diet and have had success.

Do you work G-Tube Fed Children and Adults?

I teach you how to incorporate the healthiest foods and combinations in a guide to Whole Food Blended Meals, recipes, examples of routines and recommendations that I continue to work on, develop and grow.

Which Program is best for me?

If you are already half way there and have incorporated a holistic nutrition and lifestyle way of living and can receive all the recommendations and run with it. You have the option of booking follow up appointments when you need to. If sounds like you, then the REVIVE 1-1/2 Hour Comprehensive Consultation is a good fit. 

If you need more guidance and can forsee asking many questions and needing to have more support each week then the REVIVE 6 Week Counseling Program will be a good fit. You can always book 1 Hour Follow ups there after. If you find at some point that you need longer, you can always add the remaining period of the THRIVE 3 month program.

The REVIVE 3 Month Program is best suited for those that have more complex issues and need more time to work through many obstacles. This option has had the best results as we become mire of a united team effort to accomplish the goals and plant that are set in place. This option provides more guidance and support with email corraspondence in between our follow ups.

What does the 1-1/2 Hour Consultation Involve

The initial 1-1/2 Hour consultation is designed for you to utilize all the materials, education and put them into place over four weeks without ‘too much’ hand holding, guidance and support. It does not allow enough time to review ALL functional tests in detail as we need time to go over the health history and forms as well as blood labs/testing so that I can review nutrients, CBC and Metabolic panels before the appointment. The initial appnt. is designed to dive into the window of one’s health and take in as much information as we can and devise a plan. This initial consultation I allow for questions by email for the first 2 weeks to ensure follow through.

If you have many recent functional tests in the last 1 -2 years, I can look those over and take some key notes to get a total picture when recommending foods and supplements. It is ideal to book the 1-1/2 hour test review appointment in 2 weeks after the first appointment to go over a few of these tests to give you more insight into what they mean and the areas to focus on. The 1 Hour $100 follow ups thereafter are strongly advised to keep the process moving forward in the right direction.

I highly encourage a 1 hour follow up around 2-3 weeks after from the test review appointment, this is if you follow a self paced to review diet, supplements, progress and to begin incorporating detoxification efforts for the next 4 weeks to remove harmful pathogens such as an overgrowth of pathogenic gut bacteria, Candida, Mold, toxins and heavy metals if they are involved which play a huge role in preventing seizures. This is where the follow up appointments come in handy. You can book a follow up whenever you need one.

Why should I choose the 6 weeks or 3 Month Program.

If you are new to a clean way of eating, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle nutrition and get overwhelmed easily and you foresee you will need extra support and guidance in between the appointments to understand nutritional healing concepts, have a more complicated or complex situation that may require more effort and nurturing from my side it may be best to sign up for the 6 week or 3 month programs which includes the test results appointment and follow up. Please reach out via email and enquire on how to get started.

What do we go over in the initial consultation?

During the scheduled comprehensive consultations I review health history, dietary concerns, symptoms, supplements, CBD, medications, some labs and most important making any connections to see what could be the contributing factors to a persons symptoms and health condition. I provide educational materials, answers questions, recommendation on nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes, guidance and support to get started.

You have to be ready and committed to LEARN, READ and apply new changes in the way of eating and making meals, especially the way food is purchased and prepared. Learn how to choose ‘foods as medicine’ while avoiding toxins and harmful chemicals in the diet as well as learn what the most important healing nutritional supplements are. These are all essential and can improve overall health, organ function, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal balances, metabolic function, nervous system and neurotransmitter imbalances as well as prevent seizures. Nutrition for healing aka nutritional therapy takes time to balance out health conditions that have been going on for years. This is not a quick fix type of treatment.

What tests do I need to provide to you?

Lab Tests:

Your primary, NP, Functional or Integrative doctor can order the following the important tests which are helpful to me:

1) CBC Complete Blood Panel or Comprehensive Blood Analysis which should include a Metabolic Panel

2) Comprehensive Metabolic Panel make sure Glucose, Copper, and electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, Calcium are tested) Make sure protein and glucose are included.

3) Nutrient Panel (B 3, 5, 6, 9 12 vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Iron/Ferretin, Magnesium, Glutamate/Glutamine, Gaba, Homocysteine, Ammonia, CRP/ESR/Ferretin can check for inflammation markers along with ANA).  Amino Acids.


*A functional or NP Dr may be able to check ANA (inflammatory markers).

*Minerals can be done through blood serum and may be on the metabolic panel. Check with your doctor don’t be afraid to ask.

*If you have recent labs we can use some of these to start with but may need to get the rest to see if they impact seizures.

I recommend getting these blood lab tests ordered and started once we begin to work together if not before the first appointment which is even better!

If you have had a genetic tests done the test results can be very valuable as well. Many people don't realize they have underlying genetic variations such as MTHFR and other mutations, inherited disorders of metabolism or mitochondria defects for example that cause certain dysfunctions and health conditions to arise. Reach out to your doctor if they can order any of these whole genomic genetic tests for you, I am not certified 'yet' to run these tests yet but am taking a courses to be able to help in that area.

Will my health insurance cover Holistic Nutritionist services?

Most Insurance companies do not cover Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle costs. I welcome you to reach out to your health care provider to inquire if it's possible.

Do you need my previous labs and tests?

I encourage sending me recent tests and labs for my asessment. I may not be able to provide specific review over all the tests in the first appointment as it take up a lot of time. You can book a 1-1/2 Hour Test Review Consultation where we can go over these labs in more detail and hone in on the area of concern.

What tests do I need to provide before we work together?

All programs require getting essential Complete Blood Count/Analysis test which checks red blood cells, which carry oxygen, white blood cells, which fight infection. Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. Hematocrit, the amount of red blood cells in the blood. Blood iron levels, and ferritin levels.

Will my health insurance cover Holistic Nutritionist services?

I can work with the supplements that other functional Dr’s or NPD's have recommended and combine or narrow down their supplement recommendations to hone in on what works and doesn’t work for seizures along with the other areas to focus on. Often times these Doctors miss important herbs, nutrients that could potentially trigger seizures. Many doctors have seen my recommendations and are quite impressed with my approach.

Can you advise on CBD?

Yes I can give you personalized recommendations on CBD brands, dosing and educate you on how to introduce and how often to titrate up or down.

Can I chat with other members who have worked with me?

You also have the opportunity to join my community support group Facebook page for families/clients I have worked with after we being working together. This is a place where you can connect and share tips or ideas, ask questions that other may have already had experience with, share symptoms, stories and results etc.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

Enter the answer to your question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly and consider adding examples.

Will my health insurance cover Holistic Nutritionist services?

Enter the answer to your question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly and consider adding examples.

Is there a podcast with you I can listen to?

Listen to my interview on a Podcast by the Freeman Report (2 parts) about what I do and my own story.

Part 1

Part 2

How can I purchase the book you have a chapter in?

You can read about my story and experience getting my own kids seizure free and how I now help other people do the same. It’s chapter 3 in the Book No More Band-Aids 2.0: Finding Answers in a Broken Medical System. I have a paperback copy available for $25 including shipping, just reach out and ask and I’ll get a copy mailed directly to you or get one on Amazon Kindle.

What about medications?

Slowly and safely weaning and getting off meds ‘eventually’ is part of healing process after we have done some major nutritional healing and detoxification ground work. This is because the body should be getting back into homeostasis through nutritional therapy and healing and the meds become less necessary and can be problematic to heal. Overtime as the body improves it functions the meds may end up causing more harm long term with increased seizures and undesirable side effects. The AED’s should be the last resort because they tend to only bandaid the root problem.

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