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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition takes a different approach to health, eating and lifestyle than say that of a Dietician or General Nutritionist. Instead of focusing on the USDA’s recommended MyPlate structure, calorie counting, carb counting, measuring grams of fat and following fad diets. Holistic Nutrition takes a much more mindful, scientific and therapeutic approach to foods and focuses on eating the nutrient rich foods that are right for you and your body.

By understanding the bodies imbalances, deficiencies and needs, Holistic Nutrition combines plant-based nutrient-rich foods that act as medicine and fuel our body, along with a healthy lifestyle practice. The quality of your food corresponds to the quality of life, our emotions and our physical well being. Holistic Nutrition addresses root causes and energetic imbalances in one area of the body will cause a disturbance in another area; the real reasons why you feel tired all the time, have no energy, can’t lose weight, have really intense cravings, feel bloated or sluggish after eating and on and on.

The goal in Holistic Nutrition and lifestyle is to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit through organic foods, mindful practices and movement along with herbs, minerals and vitamins supplementation to help you create energy, improve your mood and thoughts while reaching your health and wellness goals.

Everyone is different. There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to health and wellness.

A whole-body holistic approach respects that the human body is “one cohesive unit of complex systems that work in harmony when provided the necessary components for optimal health.”

Feel good about the food you eat and see it reflect in your emotional and physical health!

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