COLORFUL BEETROOT JUICE for your Liver and much more!

June 20, 2018































I love those dark purplish red beets for some reason! Maybe its my Liver saying it needs some Support.

The color they provide is just so pretty too.


I make this type of drink about twice a week before a workout or after a celebrated evening.  I juice it instead of making a smoothie.


The smoothie fills me up too much sometimes and a juice will provide with all the nutrients but without all the bulk. 


Did you now that Beetroot Juice aids in Detoxification, serves as a natural blood cleaner. It has an ability to help the body detox and cleanse the blood of heavy metals, toxins and waste due to it's compound called Glutathione. Glutathione is essential for detoxification within the Liver and other Digestive organs. 


Beetroot Juice provides a sudden boost of ascorbic acid, vitamin E, carotenes, phenolic acids and phytoestrogens to the body. This helps improve heart and immune function.


Beetroot Juice also boosts energy and increases athletic performance and stamina as it helps increase oxygen carrying capacity in the blood reducing the amount of oxygen needed for optimal muscle function. 


I juice in my Juiceman Juicer: (all organic)

One small beet

Two celery stalks

Two carrots

1/2 cucumber

2 leafs of romaine or kale

One Apple red or green without seeds

1/2 lemon, the whole thing!

1 thumb size piece of ginger skin and all.

Add a couple pieces of ice in the glass, it is refreshing and delicious! I just love the vibrant color it makes. Enjoy! :)


*Beware your next couple of bowel movements may change in color!


My little breakfast open face toast is a Gluten Free organic multi-grain bread fro Great Harvest Bakery in Bend Oregon with Oregon Coast Wild Caught canned tuna with some cucumbers slices along with some orange slices for a perfect late morning, early afternoon meal which will help keep you satisfied throughout the day.


 P.S. That's Maggie our Corgi in the back.


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